Other precious metals

Did you know that the Brabantse Goud Wisselaar also buys and sells other precious metals, such as platinum and palladium? Always at the best prices.


Platinum - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

Platinum is a precious metal often used in jewellery and high-grade technological equipment due to the fact that it withstands corrosion very well, doesn’t oxidise, and is pliable and malleable. It has a nice grey-white sheen to it. For platinum as well the Brabantse Goud Wisselaar follows the international spot rates and prices.

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Palladium is a silver-white metal often used in jewellery alloys. Here as well, we follow the international spot rates.

Palladium - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar
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Rhodium - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

Rhodium is a very hard, silver-white metal often used in alloys for jewellery and decoration.

Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

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