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Gold bars

  • The Brabantse Goud Wisselaar only sells 999.9 pure gold.
  • We do not sell second-hand bars of gold.
  • Gold bars can be traded worldwide without analysis.
  • In case of delivery of gold bars transport costs are charged.

Gold bars

1000 gram€ 37 350,25
500 gram€ 18 675,12
250 gram€ 9 337,56
100 gram€ 3 735,02
50 gram€ 1 867,51
Last update: 3/11/2016 at 12:00

(Prices are excluding premiums)

Gold coins

Krugerrand€ 1130,27
Maple Leaf€ 1130,27
American Eagle (50 $)€ 1130,27
Nugget€ 1130,27
Engelse pond (Sovereign)€ 265,33
Belgische Louis (20 BEF)€ 210,05
Vreneli (20 CHF)€ 210,15
Napoleon (20 FF)€ 210,14
10 Gulden€ 220,05
50 Ecus€ 565,18
20 Dollar (St. Gaudens)€ 1091,32
50 Mex. Pesos€ 1360,11
American Buffalo€ 1100,62
Wiener Philarmoniker€ 1100,62
Coq (20 FF)€ 210,86
Ange (20 FF)€ 210,86
Liberty (10 dollar)€ 580,09
Last update: 3/11/2016 at 12:00

(Prices are excluding premiums)

Gold coins

In our collection

Krugerrand - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Krugerrand is one of the most well-known bullion coins. This South African gold coin with a weight of 33.93g has a purity of 916/1000 and is cherished by investors because of its international character.

American Eagle - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The American Gold Eagle ($50) was issued as an unminted gold coin by the United States, but has nonetheless proved to be a very popular bullion coin since 1986. The American Gold Eagle has a purity of 916/1000.

Engels pond - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The English Sovereign is a £1 coin of 22ct gold that weighs 7.32g. The premiums vary widely, so it should be bought when they are very low.

Gulden - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The 10 Guilder or gouden tientje as the Dutch refer to it, is most popular with Dutch investors. The coin has a pure gold content of 6.05g and is minted in 21.6ct gold.

Vreneli - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Swiss Vreneli (20 CHF) gold coin is considered by collectors to be one of the most beautiful coins in Europe. Like the Belgian Louis, it has a pure gold content of 5.8g.

20 dollar - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The 20 dollars (St. Gaudens) was named for its designer Augustus St. Gaudens. This American $20 coin is 90% gold and weighs 33.43g.

Ange - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

Like its sibling the 20FF Coq, the Ange (20 FF) is popular with professional investors due to the future rise in its premiums. It also consists of 21.6ct gold.

American Buffalo - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The American Buffalo is one of the purest American bullion coins. Minted in 99.99% pure gold and with a weight of 31.10g, it can be easily traded all over the world.

Wiener Philarmoniker - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Vienna Philharmonic coin sells very easily. It is issued by the Austrian Mint and struck in 99.99% pure gold.

Coq - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Coq (20 FF) is a French coin for which premiums are expected to rise in the near future. No wonder seasoned investors' eyes are often drawn to this 21.6ct gold coin.

50 Pesos - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The 50 Mexican Peso coin is heavier than an ounce coin and has a pure gold content of 37.50g. It was originally minted in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of Mexican independence. The premiums for these coins are most often low, which makes the coin an interesting investment.

Liberty - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Liberty ($10) is minted out of 90% 21.6ct gold and is a popular bullion coin from the United States, issued from 1883 until 1907.

Ecus - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

50 ecu coins were minted upon the creation of the European monetary union. Coins with a lower purity of 90% exist, but ones with higher purity are available as well. Request more information about this coin.

Maple Leaf - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

Canadian Maple leafs are minted from 99.99% pure gold and weigh 31.10g. A maple leaf and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II adorn this pure gold coin.

Napoleon - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The French Napoléon (20 FF) is a 21.6ct gold coin of 5.8g cherished by professional investors. The premiums for this coin are expected to rise considerably in the future.

Nugget - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Australian Gold Nugget is a gold bullion coin with a purity of 999/1000. It was introduced by Gold Corporation aka The Perth Mint and is now issued every year.

Belgische Louis - Brabantse Goud Wisselaar

The Belgian Louis (20 BEF) is the most well-known gold coin of Belgian origin. The coin has had many versions, a few of which are rare. The coin was minted in 21.6ct gold and contains 5.8g of pure gold.

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